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Resfinishing process

Our Process


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Other Painters wolk in the client's own house and most of the time in the garage without dust, humidity and temperature control, causing the paint to not have a professional finish and the paint not sticking properly and subsequently falling off.


Professional Kitchen 

Refinishing process = doors and drawers they will need to be removed and taken to our work shop to start repairing and prepping them.Cleaning, sanding and patching

dents and scratches will be repaired. They will be primed and sanded to get the smooth surface we need before we apply[spray painting] the top finish coat color. Once the shop part of the process is complete, we will then contact you to schedule the “in-home” part of the process. You must empty out your cabinets and clear off the countertops.Once you are ready, we come in and cover the floor and tape off everything. Then we seal off our work space as to keep all dust from the other parts of your home.We repeat the process used for the doors on the cabinets frame.We let it dry and we come back the final day to install the doors,drawers and the hardware.Your kitchen cabinets have factory-quality work as if you just bought it and better.Whatever you decide.Painting Or Refinishing your kitchen cabinets will not look painted because we do FACTORY FINISH spray painting.We do your project with our team.


2 weeks job 

On the first week we work with the doors back in the workshop, and in the second week we work in the house for about 3 days prepping and installing.

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