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Refacing doors
(new custom doors )

Refacing vs. Replacing vs. RefinishingWhen it comes to updating cabinets, there are three options: refacing, replacing, and refinishing. Here’s the breakdown of how each option works, plus their average costs.


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Tired of the old, outdated cabinets in your house? A full kitchen or bathroom remodel to replace old cabinets and update the footprint is no small task—and it’s pricey. That’s why more homeowners are opting for an alternative: cabinet refacing. You get all the benefits of the fresh look of new cabinets but with less work and cost. On average, homeowners pay between $4,292 and $9,974, with an average of $7,132 for cabinet refacing costs. The number of cabinets being refaced, materials, and labor rates will determine the price. Completing a full kitchen cabinet refacing will cost more than just a bathroom cabinet refacing since it’s a larger space.

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Refacing cabinets : typically costs between $4,000 to $9,000, which averages at least 30 to 50 percent less than replacing. The installer can update the entire finish to a new color or texture; add new doors, drawers, and hardware; and correct minor problems. During the update, the cabinet boxes remain in place, but they’ll be treated and refreshed with a new veneer surface.

Replacing cabinets : offers the chance to completely redesign the layout and number of cabinets in the kitchen. It’s a more complex process that will include other considerations like new flooring to cover where old cabinets were, adjusting light fixture positions, and installing new countertops. When you replace cabinets, the entire cabinet box will be removed to make room for new cabinets. The cost to replace cabinets (not including other remodeling costs) averages $4,500 to at least $18,000.

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